welcome to my on-line home!

in future posts, i intend to tell you all about the fairies and gnomes and elves and brownies that come thronging to my garden as they throng to any garden where they’re made welcome, and i’ll tell you how to keep them happy and healthy – and what happens when you don’t.

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building bridges: sharing of nwyfre

we have no scientific instruments that can verify the claims of seers who talk to plant spirits. absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, and besides, is the subjective experience of millions of believers since the dawn of time not evidence? obviously, it’s unscientific to go beyond the evidence so far as to say it isn’t.

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we weave

we weave worlds, weave the wyrd and the wild ways of wizards. we weave with work wealth worthy to win, we will weave with wisdom…

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credible druidry: introduction

could a deadly druid charm uttered by a scared 5th century wizard, aimed at a nebulous, perhaps terrifying form looming out of the future at him/her from the 21st century, the shadow of a legend-probing celtic historian or modern druid seeking the true nature of the old druid, strike that seeker dead? scary thought!

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