welcome to my on-line home!

in future posts, i intend to tell you all about the fairies and gnomes and elves and brownies that come thronging to my garden as they throng to any garden where they’re made welcome, and i’ll tell you how to keep them happy and healthy – and what happens when you don’t.

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the faerie shaman

just as some organisms on earth have well-developed sensoria for experiencing the visual, audial and tactile sensations that define reality for humans, so some humans have specialised senses highly enough developed to enable the fairy sight.

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both male and female brownies are recorded. modern children’s lore depicts them as diminutive, male, aged and bearded, about knee high to a six year old, dressed in soft brown leather and scented with the odours of the forest floor.

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the leprechaun.

UBI EST “ILLE BREHONNUS”? (OO-bi EST il-luh-bre-HONNus) (where is the brehon? – latin) le breHON (norman) cá bhfuil “a(n) leprechaun”? (pron. kah’l – uh – leh -(b)pre- hon (where is the (le) prechaun?) try it a few times.

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How to See Fairies.

How to See Fairies. “When silver moon looks out and the day has fled A little elfin man in a coat of red Calls to all the fairies near Telling them they may appear All the mortal folk are asleep in bed.” As the song suggests, not all fairies want to be seen, but some […]

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