building bridges: sharing of nwyfre

we have no scientific instruments that can verify the claims of seers who talk to plant spirits. absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, and besides, is the subjective experience of millions of believers since the dawn of time not evidence? obviously, it’s unscientific to go beyond the evidence so far as to say it isn’t.

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egg of my dreaming – a poem

egg of my dreaming spirit asleep under whose airy wings cloud downy, softer than love spread all-wise, all-ways around you alight with the dazzle of seeing flashing in lively moments of glittering meanings memory passions and principles of play do you dream my life so vividly eager to give and be given to eager to […]

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my fairy book

probably one of the most accurate, truthful, substantial accounts of this kind of fairy encounter in existence. some people who have read it have rhapsodised. others have responded with a loud, resounding silence …

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The Contract: a story.

‘We told you,’ said the rat, ‘in… stench. In roaring, shrieking, text-rich, sensitively detailed, totally articulate, operatically eloquent, quintessentially consummate perfect miracles of stench, illustrated in nervy, fraught visual arrangements of variegated grunge pointed up with pithy pellets of filth. But then you’re illiterate, aren’t you?’

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elixir, a poem

elixir deep in the sacred centre of my genesisthe root of my craeb the fountain of my spiritthe loud-crying stone of my validationthe spark of my flame’s ignitionthere are my many destinies, infinite and eternal like seeds sometimes I feel I could reach through the marbled liquid layers of my years to the first cry […]

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whatever happened to sheilah?

sheila awoke in a strange bed in a weird little room all angles and planes and the little man bringing her in a cup of tea. he seemed very pleased. the teacup looked hopelessly tiny, but as she reached for it it became just the right size, yet didn’t seem to have changed. the tea was delicious and gave her strength. the little man showed her a beautiful green dress and a pair of green leather shoes, and told her to put them on and come downstairs.

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Traveling the Many-Worlds

Originally posted on The 11th House:
Being in two places at once isn’t as hard as it sounds—not since Huge Everett’s Many-Worlds Theory became widely accepted. The MWT resolves inconsistencies in physics by describing a universe branching with every choice, seeding countless parallel worlds where different events occur. Being aware of multiple ‘realities’ simultaneously isn’t…

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