in the wars

mallee tree trunk

tough ol' dame

i am not always a gentle person – i’m tough, hard-bitten, passionate and wild, like an eagle or a dingo, or a snake. that’s how i live, that’s how i love.  my motto, taken from a buddhist poem, is ‘fare lonely, as rhinoceros’.  it’s also the name of my hazel wand, my wand of the wood of the scholar ogham, coll. it is a faithful friend to me.

my path is the path of knowledge. i follow the gleam. in pursuit of truth, in rejection of falsehood i have been persecuted, tortured, ill-treated and ostracized, ridiculed, reviled and rejected through many lifetimes, including this one. when the passion in me fails, i see again the depth and extent of earthly suffering that happens when a hurt planet fights for her sanity against the institutionalised falsehood that enslaves whole nations, devastates whole cultures, and suppresses religion, vision and freedom of thought in human cultures within her, and the passion returns to me. it’s a path of love i must walk, through the wars within me and all around me, the war against war itself, through peace process, towards peace, health and the virtue path.

pacifism didn’t work for me – it meant the poor and weak had one less defender. i’m an activist, a warrior – a warrior of love.

in my magic circle, among the speaking stones, i am sister to the moon, daughter to the earth, child of the sun. the gods befriend me.  the dream-time speaks to me. the land holds me in its many-rivered palm. the voices of her spirits make a poet of me and a story-teller, and i sing the songs of joy and sorrow, innocence and experience, victory and defeat for the beings wild and wise of this planet and all planets within and without, for the love of all existences and the good of all beings.