welcome to my on-line home!

i’m a druid, trained with the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. i’m very telepathic and i have second sight. this was very alienating about twenty years ago when everyone thought that if you heard voices and saw beings that no one else could see you must be declared insane, locked up, and drugged with near lethal drugs until you no longer could.

i became a druid as a result of being told by one of the more helpful, kindly voices (spirit guide) that i should get into an organisation that actively encourages and helps telepathic communion with the beings of the invisible realms. i chose the Rosicrucians first off because i’d heard of them, and knew that they were well-respected. i’m still a member, though in recess.

it was through their book-lists and advertising that i came to OBOD. i edited its southern hemisphere newsletter serpentstar for a few years – one of the best things about the druid way and about pagans generally is that many truly believe in fairies, elves, spirit guides, gods, tree spirits, plant spirits and the elementals – all the beings that inhabit the realms just beyond human awareness, whose voices i’ve have chattering in my head and vying for my attention for most of my life. my guide was right. both organisations brought about helpful transformations – and i believe any of the established pagan and esoteric paths would have done the same – and placed me among fey-friendly people.

they helped me to redefine my inherited ‘family madness’ as hereditary seership – a great gift to share with the world. my mother kept telling me ‘it skips a generation’. my clairvoyant grandmother, a gifted healer, spent time in a mental hospital for her visions and voices and a cousin of mine was ‘cured’ of them by ‘psychiatric’ treatment consisting mostly of zombifying drugs.

others of my generation have varying levels of psychic ability too. our poor planet is getting wiser and is much kinder now to legitimate seers and psychics. in this blog, in future posts, i intend to tell you all about the fairies and gnomes and elves and brownies that come thronging to my garden as they throng to any garden where they’re made welcome, and i’ll tell you how to keep them happy and healthy – and what happens when you don’t.

i’ll also talk about the ghosts, guides, angels and other beings, that use our nexuses and pavillions. there’ll also be blogs about the fauns, satyrs, devils and daemons, gods and devas that live and work around and among us too. comments are welcome, especially from other seers – it’s so helpful to compare notes.

aontacht interviews vyvyan ogma wyverne

Southern hemisphere Druid vyvyan ogma wyverne interviewed in the recent Solstice edition of Aontacht, Druidic Dawn’s on-line magazine. I was amazed at how searching, focused and directed the questioning was. It gave me a chance to say everything I wanted to about the things that really matter to me as a druid. You can read the interview here, and while you’re there, check out one of the best, fastest-growing, gutsiest Druid magazines on the web.

the trouble with telepathy

the trouble with getting telepathic is you yourself get transparent – anyone can read your mind, even if they’re not able to bring it to their cerebral awareness. they will subconsciously know. even without fairies, ghosts, the neighbours etc, you are embedded in the collective consciousness and a contributor to it, and it’s myriad sensors are listening in with very great interest and responding, since telepathy is still a rare gift. so you have to get totally, ruthlessly truthful  with yourself– you go through this period of having spirit guides who guide you in your soul-searching to every bit of your own mauvaise foi, every fib of self-deceit, and every distortive sin, vice and bad habit of thought and attitude. this leads to greater clarity, and with it, the expanded mind of the wizard. oh see ye not yon narrow road/ sae thick beset wi’ thorn and brier?/that is the path of righteousness/though after it but a few enquire. . .

it has rained

there’s an incredible sweetness about the air today. it was a good, showery rain and it left the raindrops glistening good naturedly on the twigs and thorns. there’s a feeling of optimism in the rising energies of the land. i wonder if it’s a kind of, or aspect of feng shui.

as i was a-walking so early in spring
i heard the birds whistle, their sweet voices sing
and the aerial spirits who flew round my head
told me all about airscapes and here’s what they said
on a still, silent night when the stars shine so bright
the little green plant just down there to your right
is sucking up starbeams so text-rich with truth
which it gratefully intricates into its growth.
at the same time, slick beetles all crawly with legs
are creeping and eating and laying their eggs,
and making more mystical tales for the beasts
that eat them to share when they die as ripe feasts
for the birds of the air, which are given their share
and they spread them around, these rich texts, everywhere,
like rills, thrills and trills of mysterious meaning
of far cosmic mythos from vast intervening
parsecs of bright distance and light years of space

well yes, there is all that, of course, but the aerial spirit was more on about the aura of air immediately surrounding the little plant – how it has its constant stream of psychical events associated with mood, attitude, awareness, sense, emotion. it charges the air with impressions of all this and these impressions affect the quality of that air. every little plant, stone, patch of moss, leaf, twig or flower is doing the same, but each is unique, so each one gives a different charge of this ‘nwyfre’ to the air in contact with it. so we have a patchwork quilt of air conditioned by the different plants just below them. some bushes make bold, out-going extraverted auras, others make gentle ones, some fetch, some are dynamic in all directions, and they combine to form a kind of airscape as various and rich as a landscape.

tiny plant only a few inches tall

tiny plant only a few inches tall

it can be read like a book from above by a bird of prey, for example. it is very dynamic, with some setting up spiral energy vortexes which stream away into the breeze making a sort of scented, conditioned, powered, meaning impregnated flow of air like a stream or vein, dissipating itself in the distance, perhaps after fraying, rather like a nerve. there’s some indication that the plant can receive impressions backward through this spiral tentacle of nwyfre rich air.

this is interesting from a global viewpoint. as an orgnaism, why does gaia replace species diverse ecosystems with monocultures – pine plantations, wheatfields etc? from higher than eagles, from outerspace, to a being with the right receptors, they’d be bright spots, wouldn’t they?

really coming out with it

i’m uncomfortably aware that i routinely withhold most of the truth about myself when talking to people and when blogging, especially when it comes to my psychic experience. i try to keep what i say about it within what i imagine must be the limits of other people’s tolerance. these limits are difficult enough to discern, since most people will happily humour me while i talk of fairy sightings or encounters with ghosts, space people, or angels for example with feigned belief and warm acceptance without believing a word of it, while others respond with non-committal silence.

of the latter, i might never get to guess what they made of what i said, or they might later give small hints that they did or didn’t believe me. all the same it’s painful, as i remain alienated, kept at arms length, and conversation becomes stilted and strained with careful efforts being made to avoid the subject.

my fairy blog at fairies and elves ––?cq=1 gets a steady stream of visitors, and i daresay some of them believe what i say there, but the stony silence even from them is like a cold brick wall, and i remain alienated from my own species while members of it try to prevent me from further association with the fairies and other extra dimensionals. i believe things that only new agers of the 1980s might nowadays believe. even the paganisms have backed down from actual belief in anything except what ‘normal’ people can ‘rationally’ prove to exist. imo many pagan intellectuals on message boards seem too facile about ‘conceding’ to ‘rationalists’ that their visions and psychic experiences could well be generated as delusion in their own wistful mind, and the best that most of them can do with it is to say that it matters not whether it is real or fantastic, the main thing is how your life responds to the mythos. this is at least sometimes, surely a cop-out, and anyway, it increases the long, lonely distance between seers who can no longer pretend their fairies and elves aren’t real and their fellow pagans.

well, okay, what can be said. i might say i woke up last night to find a space person in my room – the classic ‘grey’ type, with big, dark eyes that look like dark glasses (which i did) and you might or might not believe me. it might place a further strain on your credence if i added that we had a conversation, and although this one was a brief, fragmentary and trivial one, it’s one of a series of long conversations i’ve had with them that have taught me a lot about them. what can anyone say? ‘how interesting, wyverne’, and smile and say, ‘what do you think of england’s chances for the ashes this time?’ and fair enough, what more’s to be said?

but it’s true whether you believe me or not and so i’m beginning this blog in order to say online what i cannot say face to face with anyone i know. the truth will out!