what the koala told me about the birth of the planets

yeah, he been everywhere, man, and high up in a tree he’s close enough to the stars to clamber aboard and talk to zaphod beeblebrox, or jesus or dr who and the whole star wars crew and the seven sister star girls who wouldn’t marry anyone because they were having so much such super cosmic fun.

he got in my head when i was 8 through a souvenir koala i got for xmas. he’s been my spirit guide and helper for half a century. you wouldn’t believe half the things he tells me. here’s just a sample: gaga the planet

goodbye, adelaide!

goodbye, adelaide! by vyvyan ogma wyverne

the morning sparkled golden, the sun shone resplendent in a perfect blue sky, and the birds sang joyfully in flowery gardens that fine spring day in 3011 when adelaide rose up vertically into the sky, ascended with never a wobble to the outer edge of the atmosphere and left earth forever.
the entire population was ready for the take-off, had been preparing for it for ninety years, ever since the launching of brussels which had followed singapore some forty years earlier, bound for destinations our 21st century astronomers have not yet imagined. many families had gathered on the city beaches where they could watch the changing sea-levels, with their dogs barking gaily and the dolphins playfully barrelling through the surf. crowds gathered on the top floors of the highest buildings in the city where they could see the borders of the metropolis and its surrounding farmlands and forests, and all around to the shallow sea in the west, to observe the slow smooth separation of the city from its mother planet. swarms of spectators darkened the green meadows at the outer edges of the metropolitan dome. huge crowds had gathered in the surrounding countryside to farewell them. all over the city, media supplied images and commentary on the process for those who were interested. millions just held the excitement inside themselves, and went on with their daily work as if it were not a holiday at all!
it was a flawless take-off. diligent, infallible robots had dug their way around and under the city, sealing it from the earth and sea with space-worthy products unknown to present day science, and installing the technological marvels that were now levitating it slowly into the air. elegant little cyber-beasts had spun a clear gel into an impenetrable shield so sheer it was almost invisible. working continuously for decades, they had covered the inner city in a high, skyscraper-accommodating cloche, which corresponded almost symmetrically to the deepest part of the shallow bell-curve beneath it containing the multi-storied underground. both upper and lower bells flared out into wide undulating flanges containing the suburbs and the rolling forested hills and meadows surrounding them. it looked like a flying saucer. by mid-morning the lowest points were visible above land-level and the stay-behinds were already skating in the 50 kilometer basin left below.
she rose serenely, the curve of her outer edge glimmering like a nervous smile. viewed from the earth, the city of adelaide was a gradually diminishing silvery cloud by mid-afternoon, and by nightfall another moon. next morning, she was no longer visible, her meagre reflections dazzled out of sight by the light of the rising sun.
but even by then, in the inner city bowl, workers were already converting the launching pads into landing gear all ready to receive the first city from the planet zwah in the galaxy of xyth which had been in improbability drive for almost an earthly decade and was even now hovering quietly on the outer edge of the solar system waiting for permission to land.
bizarre? not in view of what is already happening under our biggest cities, where strange hidden excavations go deeper and ever deeper underground. we’ve already got the beginnings of the technology and as far as i can see we seem to be taking it more or less in that general direction.
gaia is a strange animal. her cities behave vaguely like glands or ganglia, but it isn’t hard to see them as seeds or ova, beginning as projections from the ground, the planet using highly specialised motile biota (humans) to extract and organise the materials for their hard structures (roads and buildings) and to provide the millions or billions of soft body parts that animate them, which then produce the mechanisms that enable this faultless act of abscission, as described in my flight of fancy above.
if i were incarnate then, would i go or stay? well, it depends. i am an earthling, and i quite like living on this little blue-green planet far from the hustle and bustle of the major space highways of interstellar trade and commerce. i would miss old sol rising and setting and the stars twinkling away in the vault of heaven, with the moon smiling down on soft springtime evenings.
but then i also like evolving radically if it’s in the best interests of the cosmos. i daresay they’ll have gone a bit further with virtual reality than we have yet, and i could bask in an exact replica of an earthly sunbeam complete with birdsong and farmyard fragrance whenever i felt the need – even chat with old friends back home on whatever they’ll be using for chat in 3011. they’ll have come to some agreement about weather conditions and simulated circadian events that we’ll all be content with.
but then, if virtual reality gets that good, why would we bother to launch city after city after city when we could get the same effects sitting in chairs? though of course there’s no reason why we shouldn’t have both options – indeed, all manner of options we haven’t even thought of yet.
i suppose i’d opt for technologically assisted armchair travel in the comfort of my earthly home, with a flower bed and a veggie patch, some chooks, a goat or two and a cat and a dog, and a great big apple tree, full of little sweetly singing birds – and a big friendly compost heap all full of worms and beetles. but i could probably do all that just as well on the galaxy of klurgl as here.
so bring on the future, i say!

the third world and the emergence of the developing countries

if the sub-title seems a little unhappily worded at first reading (is it an ‘emergence’?) it’s probably because you’d be expecting me to mean what people usually mean by ‘third world’ and ‘developing countries’, with all the mostly media-generated hype, spin and  politics shaping my views on it all; and then of course, no, ‘emergence’ wouldn’t be the right word. ‘predicament’, ‘plight’ or ‘condition of’ might do. furthermore in a sub-title of that length, before any discussion, ‘third world’ so nearly means ‘the developing countries’, surely you’d only need one. development in the third world might be a better title, you’d think? but no. i want to say something about the third world and the emergence of the developing countries where every word has its right meaning and no it’s not a failed attempt at what i really meant to say.  it’s a subject that haunts me.

the third world is a name supplied top down to this unconsulted billions of people. since most third world nations are informed of ‘god’s will’ with the imposition of the bible along with the bible-based calendar with its week based on how long ‘god’ took to make the earth – all of which only makes sense if there’s plenty of creationistic context to sustain it – i’m talking high psychological impact – looming lllaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggggggggggge in the sparse contexts available to many conquest-shocked, culturally devastated third world peoples whose whole world has gone! is the information that ‘god’ is intending to destroy catastrophically one third of all that dwells in the air, water and on the land. from magical perspectives, which are persistent there, it looks a lot like we’re trying to fulfill bible prophecy, and i’m not just talking about the compulsory pollution of ‘third-world’ environments. right or wrong, it scares some – uh – ‘third-world’ people when they finally discover that that’s what they’re being called.

these peoples were not all organised into political units you’d call ‘countries’, any more than Europe was before the rise of nation states a mere two or three centuries ago – that was done to them, or strenuous and exhausting attempts are being made to do it to them. there’s a sense in which the third world is being forced to develop countries at all, even without thinking yet about what those countries are supposed to be developing.  and what are they developing? ‘western’ technology, ‘western’ medical, educational and religious systems, ‘western’ commerce and social organisation, profound culture shock and crippling debt.

were they not ‘developing’ before westernisation? they’ve been evolving as long, and arguably, while you’re developing technology, your spirituality and philosophy go to hell in the proverbial. in comparison, for example, with aboriginal dream-time theory as developed over thousands of years by low-tech philosophers and cosmologists and yes, shamans, star-walking wizards and deep sorceresses, the inflated superstition that passes for book-based religion in our culture, compelling everyone who is possessed by it to try to annihilate every other religion, denouncing the earth-loving religions as ‘of the devil’ is worse than underdeveloped, it’s like a huge tumour.

prophecy: fri 18th sep 2009

prophecy for today fri 18th sep 2009

druidry is going to get very big. now it is like a swelling bud that has been slowly, slowly forming and is now opening. the exisiting orders and many new ones will expand very rapidly, like the spreading out of many big wide petals. this will happen over the next few decades.