where i’m at now.

it’s a while since i updated this blog and i’m considering pulling it down and setting up a new one. this one was conceived under very different conditions from the ones now prevailing and i’ve changed. evidently a skin change is indicated. when i last updated more or less regularly more than two years ago […]

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my home my habitat

i’m a descendant of dispossessed irish and cockney low-life, gypsies and english jews, powerless people, many of them brought to australia in chains, others working their passage to the new colonies, fleeing famine or insupportable tyranny in their own stolen countries. i was born in 1951, a baby-boomer born protesting: war, human rights abuses, ecological […]

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and then the scintillating starbeams spun off aeons-distant suns a-glitter with celestial nwyfre drawn from shimm’ring shores of planets far away. wave upon wave, oh, one continuous wave of flying radiance crashing, quantum waves forever breaking, myriad on a starlit gaian shore. gaia consecrates this starry light and in her awestruck goblet keeps it pure […]

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the faerie shaman

just as some organisms on earth have well-developed sensoria for experiencing the visual, audial and tactile sensations that define reality for humans, so some humans have specialised senses highly enough developed to enable the fairy sight.

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barracking for the underdog

With education in English compulsory, within a few generations, all appropriated children are shaky about their own languages and embarrassed about the apparent inferiority of their own culture, viewed through the largely unconfigurable lenses of the dominant culture.

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credible druidry: introduction

could a deadly druid charm uttered by a scared 5th century wizard, aimed at a nebulous, perhaps terrifying form looming out of the future at him/her from the 21st century, the shadow of a legend-probing celtic historian or modern druid seeking the true nature of the old druid, strike that seeker dead? scary thought!

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who’s a druid and who isn’t

Druids are rational, yet new respect for the intuitive, the psychic, and the imaginative processes of the human personality gives the rational ‘realist’ in us all pause. Perhaps there is magic. Perhaps there are parallel universes, interactive archetypes, devas and gods. The traditions and traces of traditions, the texts, folk-lore and archaeological evidence, though problematical and their significance hotly debated by academics and Pagans alike, are not slight or irrelevant, and must be accounted for as well, in a traditional academic way as well as in a feeling, intuitive, New-Age way.

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