croning: an article and a ritual

Persistent images of independent old women have come down to us from a time when few people enjoyed long lives, and those who did were skinny, bent and rickety, with voices as croaky as that of the pet raven on their shoulder. Their faces are sometimes depicted as resembling death’s heads, the skull all but visible beneath the skin – and indeed, they seem close to death. It is this image of the crone that people fear.

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during an assembly of druids a few years ago, moonfox suggested that we build a labyrinth.   i was surprised.  i had wanted to build one ever since reading about them in touchstone a few months earlier.  i’d kept coming across references to labyrinths without even looking for them and my appetite was truly whetted.  i’d […]

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sorry ritual for calling home the dispossessed.

Aboriginal tribal elders from the western desert tell us that we have to ‘talk up the land’, retrieve that vitalising enchantment, and actively will the spirit animals to come back and reinvest in their species on earth. Some of them have gone, and their animals seem doomed to die out, but they can be called back through ritual magic and their species saved from extinction. The aborigines, still culture-shocked and spiritually devastated, need our help to do this.

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