early australian convict song: moreton bay

our tyrant his mortal stroke

a antive black waiting there in ambush did give our tyrant his mortal stroke

here’s my newest mp3. it’s an iconic australian song. every schoolchild learns it. it is historical in every sense of the word.

you can read about it here: . you’ll find the lyrics here too, with minor differences.

i hope you enjoy it.
wyverne /|\

eamonn an cnoic

wyverne sings in gaelic

faoi sneachta is faoi shioc




cé hé sin amuigh a bhfuil feabhar ar a ghuth

ag réabadh mo dhoras dhúnta?

mise éamon an chnoic atá baillte fuar fliuch

o shiorshiúl sleibhte is gleannta

a lao dhil ’s a chuid, cad a dhéanfainnse dhuit

muna gcuirfinn ort be’inn d’ m’ ghuna

’s go bhfuil púdar go tuibh dhá shiorshéideadh leat

’s go mbeimis araon múchta

is fada mise amuigh faoi sneachta is faoi shioc

gan dánacht agam ar aon neach,

an seireach gan scor an branar gan chur

is gan iad agam ar aon chor.

nil caraid agam, is danaidh liom san

do glacfadh mé moch ná déanach

’s go gcaithfidh mé dul thar farraige soir

ó is ann na fuilanna d’ mo gaoilte
my best effort at a translation

‘who is that outside hoarse with fever

rapping at my closed door?’

‘i am eamhon an cnoic, wet through and frozen

with long walking over hills and valleys.’

‘oh, poor calf, what a state! what would i do to you

but shelter you under my gown.

the snow lies deep; if the wind blows relentlessly

it will be there muffled about you.’

‘i’ve been a long time outside in snow and ice

with no offence to anyone,

the land uncultivated, no crops sown,

without these things to sustain me.

no friends have i, and companion with me

to sustain me early and late.

i must go over the western ocean

oh it’s there i’ll find my compatriots.