egg of my dreaming – a poem

egg of my dreaming spirit asleep under whose airy wings cloud downy, softer than love spread all-wise, all-ways around you alight with the dazzle of seeing flashing in lively moments of glittering meanings memory passions and principles of play do you dream my life so vividly eager to give and be given to eager to […]

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elixir, a poem

elixir deep in the sacred centre of my genesisthe root of my craeb the fountain of my spiritthe loud-crying stone of my validationthe spark of my flame’s ignitionthere are my many destinies, infinite and eternal like seeds sometimes I feel I could reach through the marbled liquid layers of my years to the first cry […]

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turtles all the way – er – in.

    i’ve listened to the scientists and this is my reply; respectfully i must advise, we don’t see eye to eye. my animistic atoms making predetermined shapes, mechanically intending everything from stars to apes, just flout the simple sanity of your established science and seem to treat the ‘evidence’ with cavalier defiance.   you […]

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