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i’m a druid, trained with the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. i’m very telepathic and i have second sight. this was very alienating about twenty years ago when everyone thought that if you heard voices and saw beings that no one else could see you must be declared insane, locked up, and drugged with near lethal drugs until you no longer could.

i became a druid as a result of being told by one of the more helpful, kindly voices (spirit guide) that i should get into an organisation that actively encourages and helps telepathic communion with the beings of the invisible realms. i chose the Rosicrucians first off because i’d heard of them, and knew that they were well-respected. i’m still a member, though in recess.

it was through their book-lists and advertising that i came to OBOD. i edited its southern hemisphere newsletter serpentstar for a few years – one of the best things about the druid way and about pagans generally is that many truly believe in fairies, elves, spirit guides, gods, tree spirits, plant spirits and the elementals – all the beings that inhabit the realms just beyond human awareness, whose voices i’ve have chattering in my head and vying for my attention for most of my life. my guide was right. both organisations brought about helpful transformations – and i believe any of the established pagan and esoteric paths would have done the same – and placed me among fey-friendly people.

they helped me to redefine my inherited ‘family madness’ as hereditary seership – a great gift to share with the world. my mother kept telling me ‘it skips a generation’. my clairvoyant grandmother, a gifted healer, spent time in a mental hospital for her visions and voices and a cousin of mine was ‘cured’ of them by ‘psychiatric’ treatment consisting mostly of zombifying drugs.

others of my generation have varying levels of psychic ability too. our poor planet is getting wiser and is much kinder now to legitimate seers and psychics. in this blog, in future posts, i intend to tell you all about the fairies and gnomes and elves and brownies that come thronging to my garden as they throng to any garden where they’re made welcome, and i’ll tell you how to keep them happy and healthy – and what happens when you don’t.

i’ll also talk about the ghosts, guides, angels and other beings, that use our nexuses and pavillions. there’ll also be blogs about the fauns, satyrs, devils and daemons, gods and devas that live and work around and among us too. comments are welcome, especially from other seers – it’s so helpful to compare notes.

the third world and the emergence of the developing countries

if the sub-title seems a little unhappily worded at first reading (is it an ‘emergence’?) it’s probably because you’d be expecting me to mean what people usually mean by ‘third world’ and ‘developing countries’, with all the mostly media-generated hype, spin and  politics shaping my views on it all; and then of course, no, ‘emergence’ wouldn’t be the right word. ‘predicament’, ‘plight’ or ‘condition of’ might do. furthermore in a sub-title of that length, before any discussion, ‘third world’ so nearly means ‘the developing countries’, surely you’d only need one. development in the third world might be a better title, you’d think? but no. i want to say something about the third world and the emergence of the developing countries where every word has its right meaning and no it’s not a failed attempt at what i really meant to say.  it’s a subject that haunts me.

the third world is a name supplied top down to this unconsulted billions of people. since most third world nations are informed of ‘god’s will’ with the imposition of the bible along with the bible-based calendar with its week based on how long ‘god’ took to make the earth – all of which only makes sense if there’s plenty of creationistic context to sustain it – i’m talking high psychological impact – looming lllaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggggggggggge in the sparse contexts available to many conquest-shocked, culturally devastated third world peoples whose whole world has gone! is the information that ‘god’ is intending to destroy catastrophically one third of all that dwells in the air, water and on the land. from magical perspectives, which are persistent there, it looks a lot like we’re trying to fulfill bible prophecy, and i’m not just talking about the compulsory pollution of ‘third-world’ environments. right or wrong, it scares some – uh – ‘third-world’ people when they finally discover that that’s what they’re being called.

these peoples were not all organised into political units you’d call ‘countries’, any more than Europe was before the rise of nation states a mere two or three centuries ago – that was done to them, or strenuous and exhausting attempts are being made to do it to them. there’s a sense in which the third world is being forced to develop countries at all, even without thinking yet about what those countries are supposed to be developing.  and what are they developing? ‘western’ technology, ‘western’ medical, educational and religious systems, ‘western’ commerce and social organisation, profound culture shock and crippling debt.

were they not ‘developing’ before westernisation? they’ve been evolving as long, and arguably, while you’re developing technology, your spirituality and philosophy go to hell in the proverbial. in comparison, for example, with aboriginal dream-time theory as developed over thousands of years by low-tech philosophers and cosmologists and yes, shamans, star-walking wizards and deep sorceresses, the inflated superstition that passes for book-based religion in our culture, compelling everyone who is possessed by it to try to annihilate every other religion, denouncing the earth-loving religions as ‘of the devil’ is worse than underdeveloped, it’s like a huge tumour.


the trouble with energy is that there’s so much of it in the universe that there’s hardly room for anything else, yet no one can see it – perception itself is symphony of wild and tumultuous energy events, so the experts tell us, in which, in cahoots with the matrix, the brain, itself a highly energised energy eventscape (if i may coin a word), generates visible holographics which, if all goes well, correspond to an intricately filtered and conditioned selection of features derived in some logical way from the matrix.
logic of course is what keeps the ontos all more or less organised and makes life itself a fairly successful experiment, and although as a species, we’re not terrific at it, i for one can usually succeed in guiding the forksful into the right hole in my face, so my personal perceptual predicament isn’t too much worse than that of a guinea pig or horseshoe bat. nevertheless it leaves the conscientious postmod-savvy intelligent lay reader in no position to say anything at all about anything at all without going way beyond the evidence. is there anything at all behind the hologram? and if so isn’t it too, just ‘energy?’
as a farmer of sorts, although on the very smallest scale, i spend a fair amount of time and energy shunting energy in its some of its bulkier forms around a small localised section of the food web. food web, now there’s a feast for an energy nut, if any topic ever was, wider than the world wide web and probably more to the point for most of us, especially the unhuman majority such as birds and kangaroos.
in the city of course, energy is most uproarious in road traffic, small children, lawn mowers, and the urban version of the food-web, visible mainly as food shops, where energy equals food. because it all costs, most people prefer to think of ideals like love and



community instead. which is sad, perhaps, because they miss out on so much.
in contrast my day starts with a blast of a now rare and subtle energy that still has the power to grip the imagination and wring from the hardest hearts a brief, blissful smile of nostalgia. the earth rotates till it reaches that critical stage where some sudden or slow accumulation of some kind of energy trips the switch which triggers in ned, the handsomest black austrolorp in the mallee, the rousing and stretching and wing-flapping routine that culminates in that glorious, ringing, brazen trumpet blast roosters are famous for. cockadoodledoo! i’ve watched him – his whole body is totally in it – every part of him a-quiver with energy. roosters for a mile around can be heard in the distance discharging again and again that surge of power from energies so subtle no human being unaided by sensitive technology can feel them.
gaia is still warming her other side so i doze, preferring my own home-brewed holographics in the form of dreams to the metrical ones, until first light, when i light my little fire of sticks and twigs and convert them back into the hot, blazing brilliance of last summer’s long sunny days in enough of a flare-up to brew my coffee, which energises me enough to get breakfast, which i eat while waiting for the first sunbeam to reach my window pane and glide into my van and warm me. i bask in it.
this energises me enough to get out and feed the goats. does anyone remember that bit in lord malquist and mr moon where he starts listing the events involved in getting common objects such as handkerchiefs and cuff-links into one’s life starting from the object and working back through all the processes of production and transportation to the clearing of land and planting of seeds, or the first scrape of the miner’s shovel – all of it great energised lumps of energy, systematically manipulated in a glorious frenzy of expenditure, driven by the creative energy of a human idea. well, goats are just as good at sucking process.
the energy of my sunbeam plus that of my herby eggs with toast and onions drives the transporting the whole summer-full of sunny days of energy of half a bale of energetically harvested oaten hay across the apparent surface of the holographic goat-yard to the goats, who are loudly expending the high energy of dreamland in clamourous bleats of that loveliest energy of all – love. they love their hay, they love their oats and barley, and they love their big steel buckets of nice shiny rain water, they love each other and they even love me.
and talking of love, which as my fluffy bunny spirit guide tells me is not energy, but sometimes conditions energy, there really is a difference in the growth rate of pea-plants who are loved and those who aren’t. isn’t energy weird stuff?
v o wyverne
(this article appeared first in Mensa’s TableAus)

eureka! i’ve found the genogen!

eureka! i’ve found the genogen!


see, there’s one!

the question of what drives evolution, which darwin did not quite answer, has at last been answered by humble me – indeed i don’t know why nobody thought of asking me in the first place. without any scientific education to get in my way i have clearly seen what painstakingly educated others have been made unable to see. i have seen the vast yet tiny genogen, that which gives rise to the gene!

but to show it to these scientific others, i must first show them the errors in their assumptions and persuade them to more productive lines of thinking. by their lights they seem to be doing quite well – darwin seems reasonably rational even this far on – but simple facts capable of causing massive paradigm shifts are being taken on board by scientists cheerfully intent upon not letting them so much as flutter the edges of their paradigms. specifically, the gist of the gaia hypothesis is pretty close to undeniable, that our planet is a life-form best regarded as a complex bit of biochemistry, a sort of planet-sized loose molecule, not as a dead stone with scum formed accidentally on its surface like slime on a rock. most people tend to agree in principle but then they keep theorising about the origin of species as if it made no difference.

okay, academics are scared of paradigm shifts, and if you let it, the gaia hypothesis causes something more like a paradigm quake of something quite scary on the richter scale, capable of shipwrecking careers, rendering expensive newish textbooks all but unresellable and requiring costly restructuring of undergraduate courses, and this is of course why nobody is willing to quite let it; but surely it’s unscientific not to examine some of its implications. as an aging hippy with no investment in academic serenity, and sublimely free from the necessity of supporting anything i say with scientific evidence, i’m a lot freer than most to enjoy the occasional cataclysmic paradigm shift, and if you want the truth, it’s what i spend most of my time doing. so let’s do!

if our planet is a living organism, isn’t the differentiation of its internal structures (species) as likely as those of any other living organism, including those within it, to be driven by a predetermined logic arising from its components, like that which orchestrates a human being’s development in the womb: to wit, genes? if darwin had been a single celled organism with a single cell’s life span, but with human intellect, observing a rapidly dividing embryo, wouldn’t he have seen the factors that minutely affect the development of that embryo affecting only its most superficial structures, and still never guessed that it was predestined by its genes to become a human being, and no amount of stress and promises of comfort could persuade it to grow into anything else?

darwin was a human being and he was watching the evolution of many, many different species, but because james lovelock had not yet written about gaia, he believed in the difference between ‘living’ things and ‘non-living’ matter, and could not see ‘living’ things as the interacting organs of a greater organism. since lovelock gave us the gaia hypothesis, unless you are unreasonable enough to reject it out of hand, we can no longer regard organisms in any other light. just as our internal organs are formed according to a predetermined pattern, so must be those of the greater organism whose internal organs our species are (loose analogy, i know, but you know what i mean).

within genetic diversity, the precise forms that our planet’s organisms assume, allowing for the wiggle room for superficial variation that darwin mapped so enchantingly so long ago, must be predetermined when planets are born. dogs may be smooth or hairy, large or small, variously coloured, friendly or fierce, but just as in the human derived from a single cell there will be a liver and feet and ears, so on a planet there will be dogs, and also gum trees, and apes; and despite variation, all dogs will have basically the same features which will distinguish them from members of all other species. butterflies will all be distinguishable as butterflies, although environmental factors might affect superficial features such as wing-colour, size and flower preferences. who knows, maybe all planets of the same species as ours have recognisable dogs, butterflies and well, why not, even aging hippies, in the instar equivalent to the one ours is now in. at every scale, major alterations to genomes and, uh, genomogenomes resulting in new species would be predetermined, driven just as mechanistically, though the mechanisms be myriad, by genes as the differentiation of tissues in the formation of organs in a developing foetus is.

so where are these genogens, these generators of genes?  easy!  just as the generators of the features of cells are within cells (genes), so the generators of the features of genes are within genes. cells are made of molecules, and genes are molecules. the molecules that genes are made of are made of atoms, so it seems obvious that the genogen is within atoms. well it does to me, anyway.

atoms are passionate things, moody in fact, when you think of it. they have traits. calcium on its own is a tranquilizer, emanating tranquility. iron is sad. tin is giggly. they form dynamic molecules, which behave. some are rapacious, others slow and sly, some predatory, snatching others whenever the conditions are right – you can’t keep a good atom down. the innards of atoms are currently being explored in particle smashers that, clumsy as they still are (it’s a bit like using a sledge-hammer to explore the innards of a mouse), reveal to us something of the inner complexity of atoms, their organism-like inner arrangement etc. surely no one doubts that their internal arrangements are responsible for the forces they exhibit that determine what compounds they can participate in. why then wouldn’t they determine this all the way from the singularity to the flea in my ear?

within our planet’s atmosphere,rich as it is in very busy process, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen can’t help but get together and start making babies, which sooner or later evolve into biologists, and start playing chess and doing cryptic crosswords. the maths required to describe it would be mind-boggling – and maths was never my forte – but that’s no reason to shirk. who would have believed that a zygote could come up with an elephant, not just once, but every time, if scientists hadn’t seen it with their own technologically assisted eyes. but since it’t true, why believe that the effect of these genogenic forces would not be continuum, determining all the features of all species of planet and star, galaxy and cosmos, from the greatest celestial entity and infinitely ever outward to the internal features of subatomic particles and infinitely ever inward, down to the little old lady’s last tortoise.  darwin can account for shorter or longer trunks among elephants, but not for elephants. my theory of genogens within atoms has the potential to account not only for elephants, but also for planets, stars and galaxies.