we weave

we weave

the origins of the wyverne or wyvern are obscure but -ne is a plural ending in some old forms of anglo-goidelic. wyverne = wyver + ne = weavers. weavers were a guild, so wyverns were part of their heraldry. weavers festoon my family tree and i like weaving, so wyverns hover about me and one wild wise soul of ancient weaver guild spirit hath me in glorious thrall.

we weave. we weave with words, we weave worlds, weave the wyrd and the wild ways of wizards. we weave with work wealth worthy to win, we will weave with wisdom…

aontacht interviews vyvyan ogma wyverne

Southern hemisphere Druid vyvyan ogma wyverne interviewed in the recent Solstice edition of Aontacht, Druidic Dawn’s on-line magazine. I was amazed at how searching, focused and directed the questioning was. It gave me a chance to say everything I wanted to about the things that really matter to me as a druid. You can read the interview here, and while you’re there, check out one of the best, fastest-growing, gutsiest Druid magazines on the web.