and then the scintillating starbeams spun

off aeons-distant suns a-glitter with

celestial nwyfre drawn from shimm’ring shores

of planets far away. wave upon wave,

oh, one continuous wave of flying radiance

crashing, quantum waves forever breaking,

myriad on a starlit gaian shore.

gaia consecrates this starry light

and in her awestruck goblet keeps it pure

within the limpid misted crystal ball,

her dew-bead eye, her lensing atmosphere,

her myriad micro-prisms splay all spectra.

in leaves of trees and fields of living grass

star-beam chemistry so fine and subtle

makes like sight the breaking of these waves

this rich continuous flow of speaking light.

sleek seals on rocky shores weave, yelp and yawn

in ecstacy, drunk with the star-beam flow

the air is filled with networked insect wings

lensing the filtered light to gaia’s mind.

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