inevitably, satan, centre stage.

once upon a time in a magic land far away there were wise wizards and witches of bright honour and shining virtue who practiced circle magic to procure and maintain the harmony of our lands. their circle had four quarters with a tower or tel at each of the four directions and a priesthood in every tower or tel. and there was in the middle a meadhall where the priesthood (christhood, in q celtic) of the centre (saint, or santa) kept a charitable table for rich and poor. they so  won the trust and gratitude love and high esteem of the people round about that they were given widespread political power. they bestowed schools and universities to raise the people to their own level, and they organised food production and distribution, commerce, trade, the arts and the just and fair management of resources. they recruited their new members from the elite of all nations, and were proud of their ideal of equality for all.

but gods though they were, they were, like us, gods mediating their divinity through the limiting, still somewhat distortive mind and imagination of the mortal human being and they sometimes quarrelled and snitched at each other though they were always ashamed, and they were always sorry after.

but one day a quarrel broke out that was bitterer than any before and it flared up out of control and sparks flew and efforts to pacify it only inflamed it the more. and why did not santa, standing where the diameters cross, why did he not immediately ring the bell for dheoch-acha and they sit down to peace talks? because he was one of the shameful miscreants. that’s why. water wouldn’t douse him, air wouldn’t scatter him, earth wouldn’t smite him, fire couldn’t burn him, nothing could quieten the towering majesty of his wrath.

and who was he quarrelling with? the southern priesthood, the southerner, sasana, satan sa’an sun god. set. seti. radiant god of light and warmth and magic and love.

and the santa cross/christ/priest conquered sasana, sowson, sorcerer, susanna, hassan, set, seti, satan, sun god ra ra ra drove satan out and barred his way with swords. and cursed satan, and called satan evil, and attributed to satan motives of pure evil..

which would have been all right except that he who occupied the centre, the crossed, christ, priest place, had the power to enlist the resources of the whole world, all the armies of all the bods, gods, guards, bards or pathers (aka cathars), and he constrained them to fulfill his vow to destroy satan and drive satanic evil out of the land. because nothing would restrain the wrath of the santa god.

and so spear-heading the driving out of the moorses, moses, well, black people, dull, dubh, du, diw, dieu, jew people, the santa christ replaced the meadhall meadow in the middle with the watery west, such that the world path is now a western one. after that there was no true christ, because the world was now divided against itself. then the west subsumed the north claiming much norse wisdom as ‘western’ philosophy, and claimed the old world cross-doing religion as a western one. now it seeks to westernise the east.

and for the love of humanity, look what is happening: dang me if it ain’t still anathematising, driving out, purging and ravaging satan, in his southern lands, appropriating whole populations in its superstitious rage and stealing its resources in the process.

o ye tower queens and kings, maybe it was a ‘just war’ but i couldn’t put those two words together in that sequence without bunging it in quotes and observing that they don’t go. maybe that noble saint was brought to book and legally punished for his war crimes. and maybe he was provoked by the fiery temperament of the priests of the fire. maybe it was just plain racism. because satan, sudan, sedan, saudi, was a sun-baked land, and its priesthood and its literate elite, its merchants, its brides, its warriors and its knightly suitors were sometimes dark-skinned, dusky, golden, tan, brown, or black as egypt’s knight. moors.  black. moors. didn’t ‘sambo’ once mean ‘summerboy’? wasn’t he our beloved page? did not desdemona love othello? did not blackamoor swoon with love for amaryllis?

you see, on the northern hemisphere of the world map,

  • north, norns, norse, horse, nains etc (but not normans) were in the north towards the pole, where all diminished to nort, naught, nought, not, night
  • in the east were the isis, aisir, asia, erinnya and their priesthoods
  • and in the watery washt west wet woda woden odin houdin voudun cu wet sail co water all the way to aotaroa (water rower) were voudun, woden, speaking at last thank godbodpathcath english so that we can understand him, uasail!
  • and of course satan was the equatorial zone viewed from the north.

from the south, the equatorial zone is northern, so there is no slur on equatorial people who live south of the equator, but them northern southerners – let’s not propogate curses against whole peoples we do not know.

so that might have been all right but they were going at it hammer and tongs and it was only natural that someone would get hurt.

and when the tumult and the shouting died, the captains and the kings departed and lawkes a-mighty there’s roma on the throne hurling execrations at satan and requiring us all to do the same on pain of death….

let’s stop. let’s stop cursing and slandering entities we have never met just because an enraged king was racist long ago.

let no curse or slur from pulpit or pew on book or electronic media ever have power to harm the innocent, the beautiful peoples of our planet.

awen awen awen.

i invite with love and affectionan the northern hemisphere’s sat kindly benign spirits of satan to dance with our southern hemisphere northern spirits of fire, warmth, light and magic,

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