heidi was a troll, the billy goats were very very gruff, and peter is still the goat boy.

goats are angels of death.
death is the devourer of lives.

goats know all about death and dying. they can’t help it, they get killed. it’s part of what they incarnate for, they are prey animals, they are food. we’re their predator, we protect them from other predators. they are born within the jaws of nature in the wild, and in intensive production units and on our farms and farmlets and in backyards.

the angels of death are like master chefs. they do not present the meal half-cooked. death likes the lives it devours to be replete with experience, steeped in the dreaming until old and wise and mellow through and through, like a good goat cheese; therefore they’re facilitators of longevity.

goaty attitudes also make easy the dying of an early death for those who must die young or in their prime because (to switch to a goat-friendlier metaphoria) they are experts in approaching death, and they enable us to share their death-wise worldviews.

a lifetime with goats gives a human access to great ease and comfort with the fact of death and dying as a healthy part of a life that goes beyond the little one we’re in here on planet earth,

just as a rosebush (loved of goats) goes beyond any one of its leaves. past present and future and beyond time as we measure it. death is a stock boundary, with gates. there are right and wrong ways to approach and go through it. when you get it right it is painless and easy, not more traumatic than taking off an old coat and going outside for a bit.

It is wrong to put fear of one’s own death out onto goats. They do not fear death, clattering back and forth with great delight over that rainbow bridge of death to that grass which is always greener,

which does exist as they can show us because we all (will)help(ed) it to manifest as it comes out/came out/will-come out of the dreaming, adding our ingredients of mythic goat-lore to the cosmic cauldron of its creation.

goats don’t fear death; they consent readily to it unless they’ve built strong bonds of affection and have invested deeply in goat ego – human ego interfaces and haven’t been warned in time to disinvest. some pets and aging milkers are advanced there, and often negotiate for long lives, and so do otherwise acquiescent or willing does when they are in kid, especially those deriving traits from prestigious genetica, e.g., those advanced in inter-special communications, such as pets, family milking goats, goat breeders herds and small dairy herds where the individuation process is favoured.

2 thoughts on “heidi was a troll, the billy goats were very very gruff, and peter is still the goat boy.

    1. well, i don’t know very much of either with that much assurance, just what the goat tells me and what glimpses i catch of the dragon dreaming… wouldn’t it be lovely if there were golden tomes of lore in catacombs barely lit by flickering torch-light. we could weigh the dragon one with the goat one and would we find them the same? how would the ant one compare? the rabbit? the frog or the pig? best we respect them all. i’ve known some crazy old nanny goats that were certainly dragons. nexi

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