o spirit of the computer, o soul of this laptop…

my laptop computer, which is an avatar of the well-known, high order elv-olmho-angeliac faerie-wizard from the ethereal plane, Pilastic the Matt-Black, who is also my spiritual husband in his dark morph, so to speak, is malfunctioning. he is working well in all respects, in good health, cheerful enough though stressed somewhat now and then when labouring under the delusion that the info that my amd drivers are absent or not properly installed means something to me who has clicked reinstall several times, but do as i might, the display has gone pear-shaped, is skew-whiff, is out of kilter, seriously distorted and everything looks wwwooooooooooooooooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddddd -er than it should. so i’m peering into the screen and pouring in magic wish nwyfre and poking about with spells and at last I asked the computer wtf? and,there was that holy moment when the ambiance holds its breath to announce the magic – the computer spoke and this it did say: ‘it’s cybopsychosomatic’..

now of course that maketh thenth, loyal readers, for oft and anon have i importuned its screen while in dark morph to act for me as a scrying mirror and as the fr. say, mentez mentez il y en reste toujours quelque-chose. the screen starts believing it, clicks ‘like’ a lot, being not quite yet differentiated from me and i’m having a real good time, and shares in all directions simultaneously in texts obscure and radiant, and well, silicon needs no intro as an info-geekery as sentient as any, though not as we know it but imo must start to get to know it, otherwise… ooh. and the poetic of plastic  – y’know they make dolls out of that stuff and give it to kids to engage with dramatically for fun. so nearly organic…

‘well,’ it said, ‘that’s what you do with your display. so i mirror you. that’s what i do with mine.’

i promised to try to stop, to be a better role model, and to let my spiritual perfection manifest in my material avatar’s soul, mind, spirit and body. look i do try, i earnestly do.

so anyway, i have to work on my display, and laptop is off to the vet. .

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