the people of the earth

in the chaos of deep space

we were dust

in the young oceans of the earth

we were fish

in ancient forest trees, as apes

we flew like birds

and then:

together in the firelight

to the beat of shaman drums

and the lilt of spell-binding flutes

we were becoming

the peoples of the earth.

 we learnt to hunt

and thus intertwined our lives

with the lives of wild beasts

 we learnt to build

and we are the temple stones

the trustworthy bridge

 we learnt to weave

and we are the woven threads,

the fabric firm and good.

we learned to farm

and we are the ripening grain

and the healing herbs

we learned to sail

and we are the unknown lands,

the wandering tides.

we learned to fight

and we are the battles the wars

and the peace process.

we learned to love

and we are the awesome power of love

 and the gentleness.

no two alike, so myriad,

long ages peopled with bright spirits

animating matter from within.

 like the rays of the sun

we began as one

containing within us

the essence of all.

we bred and diversified – behold the bright rainbow

from jet black to pure white

and all colours in between

the red and the brown and the golden

 from dwarves to giants

we are all shapes and sizes

and in all the visible and invisible worlds

past present and future

we are myriad

and yet still one species


broad is the rainbow

displaying all colours and kinds

we are the peoples of the earth,

blending with the myriad species

in the rainbow of the manifestation of life.

let no harm come to us

let no harm come through us.

may the lovingness of life nurture us

may the truth shine bright within us

and may we find noble destinies worthy of us all.

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