life and death of a druid:

deep magic drew me

from the all generating chaos into the forms and fantasies of the planetary drama to pit my greed and rage against cruel rocks of denial

i piled them rock upon rock i built a high tower i saw all the way to the rising sun and vistas away to the sea and the green forest closed round my tower and fed me with fruits and much venison

the stately sharing kindness of trees nurtured my happiness the brambles throve around my door the fruit trees followed me home herbs sprang up all a-buzz with bees and the honey ran down my walls

by a sparkling stream i cut a reed and piped for the birds and the fishes and flocks and i sheltered them among shady trees and i wove my garments of their fragrant locks

my hard iron ax cut deep i felled great trees great forest gods i slew i made fine halls strong furniture and ships carriages firewood and fence posts cleared the land.

and gathered into my barn the annual feast of fruit and grain and all the bounteous gifts of autumn in a land of sun and showers and pleasant breezes singing in the hay

and still i plundered nests among the stubble found late eggs to add to my winter store and plump nestlings rabbits hares and more

and acorns in the forest falling leaves revealed the clustering nuts in forest glades i cut my stalwart staff to knock them down i filled my sack with hazel chestnut walnuts bulging full

my cellar stocked i built my winter hearth which purred for me all winter while the land slept under snow stout barrels slowly emptying supplied me all i needed till the spring

i filled my hours with loving labour cobbled my boots smoothed to velvet softness skins of deer and sheep made saddles harnesses and parchment too

the cherishing richness and the generous habits of loving nurture into which i came questing as a soul deva dreaming established themselves in me even while i smiled and basked in the smiling of the sky

and when in my sleep i dropped like a ripe fruit from the tree of my life of my ancient lineage my godhead i saw the deep magic drawing from chaos into the drama of life the outrageous souls

into the circle of forest calm

and i cherish them all all deep in my all-knowing chaos i cherish them all

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