wombat magic

wombat power
wombat magic

it has been raining over the land

there were no stars last night

only the yellow edge of the moon

through the grey edge of a cloud

then gone

grey rain falling through the black night

in the morning the rain has made

the brick hard terracotta earth soft

soft and warm in the summer sun

wombats are digging

their hard curved claws

are breaking new ground down below

their strong wide paws are shovelling up the earth

they are piling it high up above

it is a high red cone above the ground

now in the long cool quiet of the morning

puddles of water are shimmering over the land

the spent scraps of clouds are flying away in the breeze

the dry grass   the standing hay   is wet

insects are flying

a wombat is standing in the sun.

this wombat is big

silver coated silver like metal

some are brown but this one is silver

a silver wombat with a coat as silver as rain.

look all you people

wombat power

wombat is stamping out power

high on his mound he is pounding out power

up on his mound stamping his feet on the earth

drumming his underground power into the world above

wombat power to the world











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