the third world and the emergence of the developing countries

if the sub-title seems a little unhappily worded at first reading (is it an ‘emergence’?) it’s probably because you’d be expecting me to mean what people usually mean by ‘third world’ and ‘developing countries’, with all the mostly media-generated hype, spin and  politics shaping my views on it all; and then of course, no, ‘emergence’ wouldn’t be the right word. ‘predicament’, ‘plight’ or ‘condition of’ might do. furthermore in a sub-title of that length, before any discussion, ‘third world’ so nearly means ‘the developing countries’, surely you’d only need one. development in the third world might be a better title, you’d think? but no. i want to say something about the third world and the emergence of the developing countries where every word has its right meaning and no it’s not a failed attempt at what i really meant to say.  it’s a subject that haunts me.

the third world is a name supplied top down to this unconsulted billions of people. since most third world nations are informed of ‘god’s will’ with the imposition of the bible along with the bible-based calendar with its week based on how long ‘god’ took to make the earth – all of which only makes sense if there’s plenty of creationistic context to sustain it – i’m talking high psychological impact – looming lllaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgggggggggggggggge in the sparse contexts available to many conquest-shocked, culturally devastated third world peoples whose whole world has gone! is the information that ‘god’ is intending to destroy catastrophically one third of all that dwells in the air, water and on the land. from magical perspectives, which are persistent there, it looks a lot like we’re trying to fulfill bible prophecy, and i’m not just talking about the compulsory pollution of ‘third-world’ environments. right or wrong, it scares some – uh – ‘third-world’ people when they finally discover that that’s what they’re being called.

these peoples were not all organised into political units you’d call ‘countries’, any more than Europe was before the rise of nation states a mere two or three centuries ago – that was done to them, or strenuous and exhausting attempts are being made to do it to them. there’s a sense in which the third world is being forced to develop countries at all, even without thinking yet about what those countries are supposed to be developing.  and what are they developing? ‘western’ technology, ‘western’ medical, educational and religious systems, ‘western’ commerce and social organisation, profound culture shock and crippling debt.

were they not ‘developing’ before westernisation? they’ve been evolving as long, and arguably, while you’re developing technology, your spirituality and philosophy go to hell in the proverbial. in comparison, for example, with aboriginal dream-time theory as developed over thousands of years by low-tech philosophers and cosmologists and yes, shamans, star-walking wizards and deep sorceresses, the inflated superstition that passes for book-based religion in our culture, compelling everyone who is possessed by it to try to annihilate every other religion, denouncing the earth-loving religions as ‘of the devil’ is worse than underdeveloped, it’s like a huge tumour.

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