wild as druids

and wild as druids, we live

close to our noble natures,

taking easily our instruction

from mother-mind,

whether through birds’ beaks

and elves’ mouths,

and incidental ogham in the brittle sticks

and prickles of the thorn,

or through well-worn domesday tomes,

gnomes traditions,

paleolithic spells,

and the wisdom of the well,

or through high flying on swift winds

of wonder and amazement

in the sky cathedral

of the many minds

to hear the majestic choirs of

gaia’s cerebral mind

in meditation and in ritual

and in flight,

wild we live as druids

close to our tribal natures,

talking easily our inner vision

in town and forest still.

One thought on “wild as druids

  1. Blessed be my sister. Across the world the great wind brings your words and I receive them with so much more than my eyes and ears. My spirit soars with you to receive Gaia’s touch, to feel her presence and embrace her many parts and spirits.

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