fairies of the wild wild moon

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Here is a deceptively brief book – an autobiography – an account of a spiritual odyssey – that has an enticing directness.  It deals with one of the most romantic areas of life here on earth, an area that lures many of us, that tantalises children, that inspires artists and poets.  And yet despite the romance of its theme, the existence of fairies, this book shows the author determined to be straight with us, determined to recount what has happened to her without distortion.

Philip Carr Gomm,  Chosen chief of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids

I’m six years old, still weak and a little woozy from a bout of pneumonia. I fast naturally through loss of appetite. I am alone for long hours of the day, and I seek in my mind the perennial fantasy, the one that’s always just there behind the finest of veils, calling me with a sweetness like dew drops. Taste one ‑ it was that sweetness of being, that enchantment.
Fairies – with gauzy wings and gossamer gowns.

so begins the big adventure . . .

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