reynardine, the so-called ‘vampire ballad’.


reynardine is a very old song of the ancient times of europe. courtships were arranged by distant officialdoms between nations strange to each other.  fear, strangeness and bizarre misunderstanding were so strangely entwined with the enchantments of love, aristocratic pride, and healthy lust, that even now their songs have the power to raise the hair on the back of the neck of seasoned listeners. Click here to listen:

4 thoughts on “reynardine, the so-called ‘vampire ballad’.

    1. well, there’s nothing wrong with a rake, per se, as long as the handle is long and sound and the tines are straight and firm. but i don’t blame the girl for being chary of accepting an offer of elopement with a garden tool, if that’s what she mistook him for. but yes, she might have rejected the rake more gently.
      i didn’t know you were one. i thought you were a giant panda.

      1. I knew you’d understand our plight. Rakes, like members of the higher animal kingdom orders (excluding the Moonies), have mothers, too.

        As for me in particular, I’m actually a rake trapped in the body of a Giant Panda, disguised as a Slow Loris. Thanks for noticing my tines.

        Vernal tidings to you, at no extra charge.

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