hairy fairy

pond fairy

if you are making it clear to the fairies that you are willing to work with them in your life, they will be trying to find ways of showing themselves to you. often the best times are those delicious moments before dozing off to sleep at night, and the equally delightful moments after waking up before you open your eyes. at this time, you are receiving optimally. most people can experience some sort of vague visions at these times because in sight-ready people, the remote viewing faculties involved are picking up signals all the time, like a radio picking up different stations, but the signals aren’t clear until your psyche is focused on some specific view and making some effort to see. they can do this best when you are conscious but not yet in command of your own experience – awake but not yet alert. this is the result of a subliminal relationship you may have with fairies you are not yet aware of.

just as the moon was beginning to be full a few days ago i was in just such a state between sleeping and waking and i saw vividly for a second or two a fairy staring at me from a place in my garden close to the goldfish pond. the pond is about eighteen inches hight, and the fairy i glimpsed was not quite that height. she (i think) was leaning over a little, eagerly smiling and peering at me to see whether i had seen or not, and seemed ecstatic with the impact of my seeing her.

this was a type of fairy i have never seen before, yet i got the impression that they knew me well, and i had the sensation of recognising her, as if my soul had set it up and i shared my soul’s sense of knowing the fairy. certainly she was a lovable fairy – they aren’t always, though most of them are nice. this was a warm, beautiful spirit, with loving eyes, and a lot of intelligence. in appearance she was slender, thin-faced and dressed in soft fuzzy shadowy clothing, rather bulky as if homespun. she had hair down to her knees, like an irish gruagach, except that instead of being grey-white and unkempt, it was dark brown and straight and reasonably well brushed.

the information that came to me from her is that she is related to a fairy i encountered long ago, the male of her kind, who was a human being who had, like the irish fairies, died without committing to the prevailing afterlife (the sort the church commits its followers to) and remained in situ, subject to gravitational and other forces which  then shrink them to the small size of the one i saw. they are specifically people who had lived the self-sufficiency lifestyle that i live, that became popular in the late 60s and during the following decades evolved as a popular alternative to mainstream living for many australians.

now they live happily in thriving organic farms, living richly fulfilling lives on this ‘other side’ radiating joy and love when you glimpse them, and putting thei magic into our farms just as we put ours into theirs.

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