tammy’s time machine


tammy built a time machine

to take her back and forth

along the time continuum

to anywhere on earth.

it was a rather good one;

she’d found the kit on-line.

she bought one for her nephew, too –

‘twas such a good design.

she screwed the parts together

and then she plugged it in

got snug inside the driver’s seat

and took her for a spin.

she set the dial for ancient gaul

a thousand years bc

a flash, a zoom, a swish, a whisk,

and there at once was she.

she climbed out of the time machine

and had a look around

and praised the tidy villages

and farmlands that she found.

she found the people civilised

and ready with a smile,

she found their hospitality

sincere and without guile.

she liked their torcs and brooches

and praised their nice clean clothes

she much admired their dancing

and their noble solemn oaths.

they gave her mead and honey comb

and came to wave good-bye –

when it was time for her to leave

there was not one dry eye!

then she got in and set the dial

for home, and with a grin,

she tried to start, but oh alas –

the thing was not plugged in!

the thing was not plugged in at all

nor e’er could be, my dears –

there’d be no electricity

for near three thousand years.

so she’s still there, in ancient gaul,

her time machine is rusty

with toadstools sprouting up inside

all dark and dank and musty.

her camera’s still all right, she’s got

exclusive footage there

which we will never see because

she can’t come home to share.

so now she lives there, in the past,

and earns her keep, what’s more.

she’s teaching future history

and dining on wild boar!

2 thoughts on “tammy’s time machine

  1. Wow, what a dandy make-over you’ve given your site! Me like!

    And to think that most ordinary people have no idea that you did this the slow, hard way, over a wireless Internet connection … where the wire is replaced with tins and a taut string….

    Oh, and liked tammy’s time machine a lot, too.

    (Please feel free to shred, swallow, and burn this comment, Vyv, as is your wont.)

    1. well, now, that’s really nice of you, xex. i’m shredding it and having it sprinkled on my meusli.

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