the molten stars of magic

 another sun
molten stars of magic

i stretch the very lenses of my eyes after my dying soul,

not seeing where it goes.  does it flow like love through the veins

of the gods, like a fish or a bird?  does it dive with a will of its own

to its well-remembered, eagerly sought out doom?


warm ache of life, i wear you like a cloak, like a skin i’ll one day slough

your skin is the ground i stand on, sky above me, and the sun

in it like a yellow flower, the moon beneath my feet, symmetrical

flowers of experiencing all in a row, leafed with brighid’s cupped hands.


have you heard a flower shout?  a mountain’s solemn crying? a baby’s roar?

the molten stars of magic bleed three beams of power.  o you young god,

if only this, my three-voiced song, could course like ocean currents through you,

unborn babe of mine, i’d heal your heart, my sobbing planet child, i’d heal your hands.

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