hymn to the god lugh

i saw my god’s hand lift an earth-swathe fold of a valley of her dress.

she stepped a laughing impatient step, and i saw every atom dance,

every cloud swing, every stone stand up, every star swirl in heaven.

i saw spring forth from stones springs uncountable.


every atom laughed.  each aeval locos was effusive with her laughter.

sweet are smiles. then he came forth from every smiling stone!

so dancing the air!  so singing the water! the sculpturing earth!

the easy and urgent blossoming drama of fire!


every atom laughed
he came forth smiling

oh, there you stand, my god, though i know only your name and the sky

of your eyes and the laughing steps i take towards you, dancing

stone that i am, red-eyed elf of a planet of war that i am, your own

sad sister, my love, my lugh.  you are my logos, my locus, my love.

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