fearing the fear

web of thought
thought web

i am shocked, nevertheless, by the roar of my siblings, fearing their fearing

the flowering as we hatch to our understanding new spheres, new atoms,

new, oh, how inhabited eggs?!  i speak with my bard’s voice. from my bard’s soil

i offer my fruit, my flower my flame. i am the stinging flame, and i am stung.


what sustains me i devour. i cannot grow except by theft. i steal

even the light i glow with, even the love, even the heat of my burning.

i steal the sting of my bite, and the fast and the slowly savaging fires,

these i steal from atoms, wrest from rocks and from stars. i am the fire of life!


i posture for praise. i am filled with desire. i dance for applause.

i sing, i hiss, i rave, laughing aloud. i leap along the veins of love.

i orchestrate my shifting beams of vision, weave my world, my journey’s

many strands of mind-light into a web to catch my meanings. and i wait…


my silence is a silken fabric woven of light. my fine dry filaments

of thought are woven into mandalas, mantras for my meditation.

the sky is below me. the earth is above me. i crouch in wait.

i spread out my thought-woven shadows. i hide in my sky like a moon.

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