the trouble with telepathy

the trouble with getting telepathic is you yourself get transparent – anyone can read your mind, even if they’re not able to bring it to their cerebral awareness. they will subconsciously know. even without fairies, ghosts, the neighbours etc, you are embedded in the collective consciousness and a contributor to it, and it’s myriad sensors are listening in with very great interest and responding, since telepathy is still a rare gift. so you have to get totally, ruthlessly truthful  with yourself– you go through this period of having spirit guides who guide you in your soul-searching to every bit of your own mauvaise foi, every fib of self-deceit, and every distortive sin, vice and bad habit of thought and attitude. this leads to greater clarity, and with it, the expanded mind of the wizard. oh see ye not yon narrow road/ sae thick beset wi’ thorn and brier?/that is the path of righteousness/though after it but a few enquire. . .

2 thoughts on “the trouble with telepathy

  1. Another excellent post, wyldwyverne.

    Moving mountains; casting out demons; healing the the maimed, the halt, and the blind; arresting the rotation of the Earth … these are nought but errands, it seems to me, next to being “totally, ruthlessly truthful with yourself”.

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