herbalising: wild-crafting close to home

eucalyptus trees
wild-crafting in the wilderness

living out in the bush means being surrounded by a rich array of herbs and plants that evolved in their places meeting all the needs of the indigenous animals and plants in the ecosystem. the aborigines who lived here before me were telepathic and had free use of psychic senses our culture and its diet represses. the ovate’s work is getting the psychic senses we all once must have had back into going order again, so examining as well as we can the conditions under which it used to occur naturally, and still does among tribal aborigines still using their native foods, would seem like a good place to start.

 beginning self-sufficiency from a completely bourgeois background in the 1970s, i took my first lessons in herbalising from my goat.

i bought an old goat named dinah, a saanen if you wanted to be really polite, but mixed, if you know what i mean. she too had led a very sheltered life and had never seen salt-bush, which was to be one of her main food plants. a book on how to manage goats in one hand and her tether in the other i took her to bushes that looked as if sheep would eat them, nibbled a leaf and said ‘mmm, scrumptious’ just as her mother would have done had she been naturally reared. it worked. she did need my advice, but it had to be honest considered advice.  i found my own metabolism becoming more and more responsive to what i was nibbling and began to be a bit analytical.

there are some herbs out there in the scrub known to be useful. the eucalyptus is well known as a healing medication for coughs and colds, minor infections and to aid convalescence, and the stiff current berries are antiscorbutic, but there are many good medicines waiting to be rediscovered. the biggest shock came after eating freely of the berries of the waterbush that grows abundantly here. they taste good, and aborigines ate them without making much of them – but then, they took telepathy for granted. after about six weeks of this, both i and my friend, who had also been eating them, began to hear voices. at first i noticed an improvement in my hearing, especially distant sounds like vehicles on the road that goes past our land. then i began to hear voices. aboriginal voices called to me, surprised that i could hear them and reply. some of these became or revealed themselves as my teachers, but many were just people living in the astral plane, taking an interest in the new ‘whitefella’ telepaths.  i did not connect the hearing with the berries straight away.

the next great surprise was seeing things: fairies, aborigine people of various sizes, lots of ‘ghosts’ and animals and birds, even angels. spaceships too, because they’ll investigate anything that looks for them, and i certainly did. i sort of called them. something deep in me loves them. again, i didn’t at first connect this seeing with the native herbs i’d been trying – in particular the flowers of the prickly wattle. these little golden pompoms are heavily laden with pollen, which is very high in vitamins associated with very fine tuning of the senses: carotene and e-vitamins; and the bushes are covered with them briefly in spring. they can be collected and dried for all-year-round use.

these herbs together gave me brief glimpses and auditions of great clarity, and the aborigines were friendly. they’d call to me ‘hey white girl, how much rain did you get?’ under their influence, i was also remote viewing – seeing places dimly that were 2 or 3 hundred miles away. i become aware that i was put through this, which i still regard as a great privilege, so that at least some white people would believe in the extended sensorial array that the aborigines under white dominion are losing. it’s awesome. it’s like having your eyes put out and being told that vision is ‘pure superstition – old ways, no good.’

the aborigines need to be vindicated and their sensoria protected. they had a huge social network there that cut across dimensional boundaries, such that people could talk with their spirit guides, ancestors and distant kin on the earth, and also, as they claim, with animals, their murrups (animal spirit people) and star dwelling kin also. i can vouch for it – such things happen.

coming from a celtic background, i found my way at once to the plant spirits and began to talk with them, and almost at once began an education in herbalism such as i’d never imagined possible. it’s been a long haul –  i’ll tell you more about it in blogs to come.

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