power of awen

Power of Awen  <~ click to listen.

in the mystic blooming of my soul
are brooded, hatched and fed my fledgling dreams.
i watch their petal wings like skies unfolding
to take swift flight through rapturous cosmic streams…
in vision-cradling caverns of my mind
wild dragons fleshed of thought and reason dwell.
explosive power in every revelation –
they guard a wisdom too profound to tell.
and in the soaring magic of my thoughts
breaths are words, words names, names powers great.
fleet the image, sure the manifestation,
quick and light as thought, yet fixed as fate.
in the scintillations of my cells,
crafting the fine molecular weave of flesh,
mountains are my ribs, my blood is stars –
light is the weft and radiant life the mesh
i am the soar of spirit, the math of mind,
i am the starry flesh, the shine of soul,
i am the breath, the fire, the flow the form,
i am the fleeting gleam, the eternal whole.
somehow it means something, some vital thing,
somehow to enhance, to heal, recharge, renew,
by the touch of a hand, a gesture, a word of love?
power of awen in everything we do!

/|\ /|\ /|\

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