fairies everywhere

the fairies i most frequently see, or who most often speak to and show themselves to me are so diverse that the one word, fairies, seems inadequate to cover them all. also, there are beings who are not called fairies who are for some inexplicable reason never called fairies – or rarely. 

if the entity is humanoid in shape and not  on the same material plane as ourselves, it may be classed as a fairy by some people. by non-material humanoid entities i mean the apparent body of any non-material being who has a basically human body plan but with differences. they may be diminutive, they may have wings and antennae, and they are all reasonably well able to communicate at least telepathically with people of the earth. many of them use speech. winged non-humanoid beings come in many forms, and include bat-winged, butterfly-winged and may-fly winged types.

there’s one important group of winged non-material humanoid beings who are almost never called fairies – those whose wings are feathered, like swans wings. like many fairies they come in tiers (no, not often in tears), with cupids like those depicted in victorian folk art as babies and small children, and there are also adolescents and adults which do resemble those painted by renaissance artists. these are usually called angels. i can’t quite bring myself to call them fairies – it might be wiser to listen to the disgruntlement of elves and not use a blanket term for all non-material, humanoid beings. 

my spirit guide in understanding them was the god apollo. his name occurs in the bible as st paul, and the welsh record him as Pwyll. he appears as a very tall, very powerfully built man, not an angel, or at least not winged, and answers questions by thought transference which may take the form of a conversation when the interface between you and him is good enough. you improve it by sidestepping false piety and asking directly for angels as if you were applying for an audience with someone with an iq of a few thousand. not a problem, eh?

i just asked the air. in fact, i was so shocked at seeing and hearing any non-material beings that i just naively asked thin air. if there are etherial beings, which i’d seen so i knew there were, are there angels? a reasonable question. of course, in my case the angel was aware that i was incarnate in order to make of my mind a bridge between our worlds, to explore them from a hard-core rationalistic position and then and only then, to let my emotions and imagination play with it. he told me that these beings are like the butterflies that emerge from crystalises. the small percentage of human beings destined to become angels evolve through many skin changes and they then go through a kind of after-life pupation after their final death in this sequence, from which they awaken winged and very very beautiful, with kind, glowing faces and black or golden skin and hair.  originally all were golden but as the civilisations merged to bring black people into that stream of evolution, the first black angels began to be born. as this tradition spreads to asia, there will be asian angels as well, and so on.

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the array of arch angels includes the infantile cherubs, people who are carriers and perfecters of the childhood experience. they often die very young. beautiful babies with very sweet natures who die unexpectedly before they are three are often evolving in that stream. they are near their angelhood and they don’t grow up because after their death they evolve laterally , as it were, remaining three years old, but continually improving and advancing the three-year-old experience. not much comfort for the parents, but i feel better thinking that certain beautiful people i know who died very young might have been in such a stream, and therefore died to great happiness.  the adult evolves adult wisdom and the adolescents evolve adolescents. they are nearly always male. not sure why. maybe i just haven’t seen the females. i believe many other people have seen female winged angels, so perhaps it’s not very significant that i haven’t.

i’ve known three angels. during the main crisis of my life, they often appeared. one was gabriel, a guardian of the axis mundi and he showed me how to access the various levels of gaia. one was michael, who is my guardian angel, and it was he who stood by my bedside so very often when i was sick (with fear of angels). he was helping me to overcome my fear, while insisting that i must receive his teachings. i kept asking if he had feathery wings. suddenly one day, while i was asking yet again, he hit me firmly on the arm with a feathery wing-tip which i saw, heard and felt so vividly that he was almost flesh and blood beside me, the veil torn to shreds. it was a sensation that will stay with me for life.

other groups rarely included are ghosts, space people, and their various diminutives, as well as astral, etheric and hadean people, and others.  more about them later.

btw learn not to step on elves. they can’t defend themselves and they really really hate it when they get stepped on.

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