my wyld career . . .

Medieval Fair in the Adelaide Hills
Medieval Fair in the Adelaide Hills


Damh the Bard,

Wendy Rule



Dave the Bard is coming from England, and Australia’s own Wendy Rule will be double-billing with him. There will be plenty of pagan, folk and pagan folk-singers, and among them by a stroke of good fortune will be  me. yes, me, the wyverne,  derserving little lizard that i am.

being a good ‘hard-bitten editor of SS, when i heard that damh tha Bard was coming to Oz, I at once wanted to know all about it. SCOOOP i yelled and sent several elfish and two gnomic reporters to every relevant scene and soon had the story written up. BUT, when a difficulty arose and i offered to fill a vacant time-slot with a few lusty ol ballads and a bit of folky caterwauling, a pagan spell-casting ululation or two and whatever comes out of the cauldron, whatever awen pulls out of the hat for us, brows were knitted, deep breaths taken and held and then slowly released and then the audition, i.e. my soundclick at to my amazement and delight i passed the test and lo, my first real live performance as a folk singer, and my god, look who else is on the programme! It’s a wonderful line-up, and a great opportunity for me, my guitar and my ever-evolving repertoire of long-loved and carefully cherished songs. hey, didn’t i tell everyone brighid had me by the ear, and me kicking and screaming and herself red in the face shaking me by the scruff of the neck and shouting ‘strike the iron while it’s hot!’ yea, verily, i do believe that’s her dulcet strains from the faerie glens of the transcendental elf-worlds of planet earth. now grab that sledge-hammer, wyverne and hit it, man.

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