in search of the ancient magic.

our planet is in pain. her human species has amnesia. we needs to retrieve our race-memory. our ancient historians are painstakingly processing as much data as we can find, but history is a neurotic little beast that resists our efforts, and some historians are often in denial. finding out who the old gods were, who druids were, what an ovate was/is, whether witches really could fly on broomsticks, and what it means to belong to the wild boar totem is not just a pleasant pastime for the privileged but a matter of necessity, because locked in our not so ancient past are the primal memories that are the key to healing the world.

ancient (pre-roman expansion) celtic memories have always been fiendishly difficult to retrieve, because the pre-roman celts left no texts, and few archaeological traces. the accounts of them by romans and greeks are few and brief. linguists have translated a few inscriptions, guessing where knowledge is absent, and relying heavily on other contemporary languages for hints as to what the words might mean and as to how the ancient celtic languages might have worked. relatively modern texts shed some retrospective light on some of the enigmas, but scholars are not agreed as to how they should be interpreted, or how they should be placed in context with archaeological and other data from the ancient past.

here i will explore as yet untried paths in my quest for images of our celtic forebears using fairly orthodox etymological techniques in quite orthodox but unaccountably as yet neglected ways and my own unique wild-crafted hermeneutic to interpret the traces i find. i’ll be applying these to history, myth, ballad and folklore, legend, and traditions of all sorts not just those of the peoples we now call celtic, but also of their neighbours and anyone else they may have influenced in the new world as well as the old. i’m intending to update fairly frequently, with new articles and new ideas about our ancient celtic past.

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