it has rained

there’s an incredible sweetness about the air today. it was a good, showery rain and it left the raindrops glistening good naturedly on the twigs and thorns. there’s a feeling of optimism in the rising energies of the land. i wonder if it’s a kind of, or aspect of feng shui.

as i was a-walking so early in spring
i heard the birds whistle, their sweet voices sing
and the aerial spirits who flew round my head
told me all about airscapes and here’s what they said
on a still, silent night when the stars shine so bright
the little green plant just down there to your right
is sucking up starbeams so text-rich with truth
which it gratefully intricates into its growth.
at the same time, slick beetles all crawly with legs
are creeping and eating and laying their eggs,
and making more mystical tales for the beasts
that eat them to share when they die as ripe feasts
for the birds of the air, which are given their share
and they spread them around, these rich texts, everywhere,
like rills, thrills and trills of mysterious meaning
of far cosmic mythos from vast intervening
parsecs of bright distance and light years of space

well yes, there is all that, of course, but the aerial spirit was more on about the aura of air immediately surrounding the little plant – how it has its constant stream of psychical events associated with mood, attitude, awareness, sense, emotion. it charges the air with impressions of all this and these impressions affect the quality of that air. every little plant, stone, patch of moss, leaf, twig or flower is doing the same, but each is unique, so each one gives a different charge of this ‘nwyfre’ to the air in contact with it. so we have a patchwork quilt of air conditioned by the different plants just below them. some bushes make bold, out-going extraverted auras, others make gentle ones, some fetch, some are dynamic in all directions, and they combine to form a kind of airscape as various and rich as a landscape.

tiny plant only a few inches tall
tiny plant only a few inches tall

it can be read like a book from above by a bird of prey, for example. it is very dynamic, with some setting up spiral energy vortexes which stream away into the breeze making a sort of scented, conditioned, powered, meaning impregnated flow of air like a stream or vein, dissipating itself in the distance, perhaps after fraying, rather like a nerve. there’s some indication that the plant can receive impressions backward through this spiral tentacle of nwyfre rich air.

this is interesting from a global viewpoint. as an orgnaism, why does gaia replace species diverse ecosystems with monocultures – pine plantations, wheatfields etc? from higher than eagles, from outerspace, to a being with the right receptors, they’d be bright spots, wouldn’t they?

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